Horse Racing tips

HR TIPS 02/04/2014

2:15 – Spirit Oscar to beat Koolala in a SF!
2:45 – Minella Definitely to beat Superciliary in a SF with a potentially nice dividend.
3:15 – Vif Argent to beat Al Alfa SF! Velator third for a tricast!
3:45 – Danimix to at least place.
4:15 – Henryville will be the one to beat. Invicta Lake has a great chance to grab a place here!
4:45 – Combination tricasts: Off The wall, Rocky Bender and West Cork Flash.
5:15 – Horace Hazel could very well be the one here!
5:45 – Shy John will be well fancied here and could win.

Horse Racing tips

HR TIPS 01/04.2014

Newton Abbot
2:10 – Revaader to win this possible SF if Sail By The Sea can manage second. Remiluc may grab third!
2:40 – RF with Kaki Island and Lucky Sunny. Hold The Bucks should grab third place.
3:10 – Gotoyourplay will be well fancied but I would take a chance on Seven Woods! Camden not to be overlooked either.
3:40 – Volt Face to at least place here! Rothman will definitely challenge.
4:10 – I believe Tolkeins Tango and Special Account have to be watched and respected in this one. Proud Times will be well fancied.
4:40 – Jaunty Journey should win! Brunette’sonly will definitely challenge though.
5:10 – Certain Flight to hold off the challenge of Chosen Milan in a SF!

Horse Racing tips

HR TIPS 31/03/14

2:10 – Volcanic to beat Tikkandemickey. SF!
2:40 – Kilbree Chief to beat The Ramblin Kid. RF!
3:10 – Farm Pixie to at least place.
3:40 – Persian Herald to at least place.
4:10 – Bollin Fiona to win!
4:40 – I like the look of Forestside here.
5:10 – Smooth Stepper to cause an upset!
5:40 – Never Never to win.

Horse Racing tips

HR TIPS 28/03/2014

2:10 – Boondooma to at least place.
2:40 – Edmund will be well fancied but Some Lad could be the one here!
3:10 – RF with Bellorophon and Solway Dornal.
3:40 – Zaru to at least place.
4:15 – Bygones Of Bird will be deservedly well fancied but Robbie could surprise!
4:50 – I like the look of Baltic Pathfinder!
5:25 – W Six Times and Generous Chief have to be respected but Bollin Julie and Heron’s Mill will be right up for this!

2:20 – RF with Nesterenko and Flute Bowl!
2:50 – Indian Voyage to win.
3:20 – I fancy Pierrers Bounty to sneak this one!
3:55 – Really like the look of Work Boy.
4:30 – Rock A Doodle Doo to beat Watt Broderick. RF!
5:05 – Spotthestripe to at least place.
5:40 – Hunters Hoof to beat Bandit Country. RF!

Horse Racing tips

HR TIPS 27/03/2014

Ffos Las
1:50 – Flying Eagle to beat King Of Jazz. SF!
2:20 – Lights Of Broadway to beat Dungeness. RF!
2:55 – Tom Bach to win.
3:30 – Our Island could sneak this one.
4:00 – Santo Thomas to beat Lac Sacre. RF!
4:35 – Qualviro to win. Bermuda Boy could sneak second place.
5:05 – Our Chief to beat Con Forza. SF!

Horse Racing tips

HR TIPS 26/03/2014

2:10 – Slaney Star or Trumix to win! RF!
2:40 – Quaddick Lake has a good chance E/W.
3:10 – Gores Island and Sure Thing both have great chances!
3:40 – Nodebateaboutit to win!
4:10 – Rugged Jack to at least place.
4:40 – Daveron and Berkeley Avenue have great chances!

Horse Racing tips

HR TIPS 25/03/2014

2:00 – Fayette County to beat Cool George. SF!
2:30 – Mrs Jordan or El Macca to win, possible RF.
3:00 – Nozic could steal this one!
3:35 – Our Phylli Vera to win!
4:10 – Buckhorn Tom E/W.
4:45 – Tolkeins Tango to win!
5:15 – Mystical Flame or Sonny The One to win.

2:10 – Marmalade Man to at least place!
2:40 – Dynamic Idol to beat Red Anchor. RF!
3:10 – Arthur’s Oak to win this one.
3:45 – Princely Hero to at least place.
4:20 – Norfolk Sky to win!
4:55 – Benny The Swinger could be the one!
5:25 – Possible tricast here! – Go Odee Go – Exitas – Little Louie! Combination Forecasts at least!